Factory Waste Water

The above image shows the point of outflow from the waste water treatment plant into the Ilen When an industry (as opposed to residential) discharges to the waste water treatment plant, there are often requirements to licence directly by the … Read More

What is Skibbereen?

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What is Skibbereen and how is it represented on the internet? What kind of place do people expect to find when they visit Skibbereen? These are just some examples from heavily marketed websites. If you had never visited Skibbereen, these … Read More


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Why is plastic such a big issue now? Why are businesses making a big deal out of reducing their use of plastic? Why is it in the news? Are people aware that plastic is a problem? Are tourists aware that … Read More

How Many Jobs?

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The mystery of the 50 jobs! There have been repeated references in the press to 50 jobs… …but even in the planning application that is not stated. The highest figure in the application is 20-40 jobs and this is determined … Read More

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