How Many Jobs?

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The mystery of the 50 jobs! There have been repeated references in the press to 50 jobs… …but even in the planning application that is not stated. The highest figure in the application is 20-40 jobs and this is determined … Read More

Factory Construction

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Proposed construction schedule = 12 months (projected) Excavation of site = Removal of 40,000m³ /60,000 tonnes of soil and stone = 1,500 truckloads @ 40 tonne per truck which is = 3,000 return trips through Skibbereen = 50 truck loads … Read More

Factory Location

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Why was there no Traffic Impact Assessment (T.I.A.) carried out or called for? If the site goes above 5,000 square metres it is required. This factory plan is for 4,800 so it is under the threshold, but Dept. of Transport … Read More

Fire & Explosions

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The greatest concerns for Emergency Responders, in particular Firefighters is the burning of plastics. Plastic fire flames spread at 2 feet per second which is 10 times faster than dry wood. Firefighters have to wear self contained breathing apparatus (S.C.B.A.s) … Read More

RTP Company – Chimney Emissions

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The planning application for the Daly Product Polymer Compounding Factory has had no report compiled on it except those that were commissioned on behalf of RTP/Daly Products as part of their submission. No independent study was commissioned on the impact … Read More

The Southern Star : Residents opposed to plastics factory

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SIR – I refer to your article in the paper dated April 21st, headlined ‘Skibb Plastics firm’s parent to open new Polish facility.’   http://www.southernstar.ie/news/roundup/articles/2018/05/06/4155628-letter-residents-opposed-to-plastics-factory/

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