MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT – Local Elections : May 24th, 2019

MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT – Local Elections : May 24th, 2019

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Save Our Skibbereen is currently seeking a Judicial Review of the planning permission granted to RTP Company for their 5000M² Thermoplastic Factory at Poundlick, Skibbereen. This development cannot go ahead while this legal process is ongoing.
An Bord Pleanála’s Inspector recommended refusing permission and made the following observations before his final conclusion :
1. The absence of specific information on potential pollutants, a baseline survey of existing air quality, and modelling of the impact of the proposal is highly unsatisfactory.
2. I conclude that the applicant has failed to demonstrate that the noise and emissions affecting air quality that would be generated by the operational proposal would be compatible with the residential amenities in the area.
3. The absence of specific information on potential air pollutants and a relevant assessment of the same precludes the applicant from demonstrating that public health would be safeguarded.

4. Based on the submitted information, particularly with respect to noise and air quality, the applicant has failed to demonstrate that the proposal would be compatible with these amenities and the wider public health of those residing in the area and so, in these circumstances, it would be premature for the Board to conclude that the proposed use constitutes a light industrial use.
5. To grant permission would be to risk a contravention of the said Local Area Plan, serious injury to the amenities of residential property in the vicinity of the site, and the jeopardising of public health.
6. The proposal would therefore be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.
7. I, therefore, recommend that the proposal be refused.

Public health should be a concern for all candidates in the upcoming local elections. That it is being put at risk should be cause for concern. That Save Our Skibbereen has to go to the courts to seek the over turning of the planning permission is because Cork County Council and An Bord Pleanala have failed in their duty.

Alongside the public health risk, there are other risks to the existing jobs in Skibbereen and West Cork. At a time when many businesses are engaged in meetings, conversations and workshops in developing the tourism brand here, this development goes against all the marketing & branding of Skibbereen and West Cork as a place to visit, as a place that is the origin of high quality foods and drinks, and is a place where our environment can be experienced and enjoyed.
This development will do untold damage to all these sectors.

To date, we have had support from the following candidates who have come to our meetings, engaged in conversations and sought their own understanding of what this Plastic Factory could bring to Skibbereen and West Cork.
Cllr Paul Hayes – Sinn Fein – Skibbereen
Cllr Christopher O’Sullivan – Fianna Fail – Skibbereen
Cllr Danny Collins – IND – Bantry
Holly McKeever Cairns – Social Democrat – SocDems – Bantry
Evie Nevin Social Democrat – SocDems – Skibbereen

All other candidates have expressed no interest in our campaign or have lobbied on behalf of RTP Company privately and/or publicly.
To choose silence on this issue is to choose the side of RTP Company over public health.
To not even engage with our campaign, which is supported throughout Skibbereen and West Cork, leaves us lost for words.
Public bodies, who exist to serve the public, must be held responsible when they cease to uphold this most basic of their responsibilities. Otherwise our system of democracy becomes but a vehicle for the profit of the few at the great cost of the many.
That this is of no concern to the majority of candidates in the upcoming elections is not just deeply disappointing, it is deeply threatening to the future well being of everyone who lives in Skibbereen, West Cork and beyond.

What is of importance to these candidates?
Is the health of our children not important?
Is public health not important?
Is the future of our tourism industry not important?
Is our food industry not important?
Are our waterways, marine life and Wild Atlantic Way not important?
Is the strategic direction of the development of Skibbereen and West Cork not important?
Is a Plastic Company more important?

We hope you contact all candidates and ask these questions. Democracy becomes a process we can all take part in during the elections. Make sure your vote counts.
It is what every candidate will be seeking.
Do not give it away lightly.

Many people in Skibbereen have been told falsehoods about this factory. To this day, people are still spreading rumours about the nature of this factory and pretending it is some recycling plant or that the emissions are less than those coming from a car.

An Bord Pleanála’s Inspector saw through all this nonsense. This is a dangerous development. Have no doubt about that.

SOS Youtube Channel

SOS Youtube Channel

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Enjoy a selection of films where SOS campaigners and supporters talk about the harm to the environment and public health that the proposed Plastic Factory will bring to Skibbereen and West Cork. See also an exclusive excerpt from the acclaimed documentary, Trashed, narrated by and starring Oscar Winning Actor Jeremy Irons.


SOS UPDATE : March 2019 – Spring has Sprung!

SOS UPDATE : March 2019 – Spring has Sprung!

Our running total of donations has been updated to include €2000 raised in Schull at the launch of the Save Our Skibbereen CD – we have raised €34,904 as of today. Our thanks to everyone involved in achieving this remarkable amount in a short few months.

Our CD is on sale throughout Skibbereen and Ballydehob. If anyone would like to stock it, please get in touch. It can also be purchased online at Save Our Skibbereen CD

Morning Rowers on the River Ilen

Our Judicial Review is underway in the courts as our application was granted. There will be more court dates, the next is early April, that will involve legalities on either side in preparation for a full hearing of the case. A full hearing might not happen for another 6-9 months. We will update you all as we find out ourselves. We leave legal matter to the experts and rely on their advice for how to communicate.

Our campaign’s focus will be on raising awareness, raising funds and publicizing any fund-raisers that are happening through us or through the generosity of volunteers.
If you would like to help raise money but don’t know how – do get in touch and we can help.
The next events are:
1. Hungry Hill Climb, March 31st – The Skibbereen Luncheon Club have generously decided to share the proceeds of this sponsored climb with us. You can contact us for details on how to sponsor climbers.
2. Darina Allen & Rory O’Connell’s Cookery Demonstration at The West Cork Hotel on Thursday, May 23rd.
See our website for tickets or purchase them directly at our stall in the Skibbereen Market or at The Riverside Café on North Street. All proceeds from that event will go to the campaign. Darina & Rory are incredibly supportive, and we hope to get a huge crowd that night.

We expect the plastic factory to be an important issue in the upcoming Local and European Elections. This factory is symptomatic of long-term decisions being rushed through without thought, without proper public consultation and without due consideration of the democratic responsibilities that all public bodies and politicians should adhere to. We hope that people think long and hard about who they want representing West Cork’s future.

To put a paltry number of jobs over and above the health of the local population is beyond irresponsible.
To prioritize the income of a privately-owned US Plastic Company over the income of all the local jobs dependent on our environment is beyond belief.
To stain the brand of ‘West Cork’ & ‘Skibbereen’ with a Plastic Factory currently is a form of negative and destructive advertising. The importance of the environment in news coverage is only going to increase. The media attention on plastic is only going to increase. We cannot be known as a destination that chose a Plastic Factory in 2018, 2019 or 2020. Our environment is what sells our food, our drink, and our tourism. It is our most valuable resource and any damage we do to it is just damage done to ourselves.
The environment is not some fashionable cause, it is the cause of life – it is the air we breathe – it is the food we eat – it is the water we drink. That this is not obvious is perhaps the greatest illusion of these times.

Ilen River – Home to Olympians & Otters

To see school-children strike, both locally, nationally and internationally, is to know that we are faced with existential choices that will have a deep and lasting effect on the health of all generations, now and in the future. That our politicians in power are slow to see the challenges ahead is deeply disappointing and points to a need for new voices or for old ones to change completely their current direction. It is why it has fallen on all of us to fight this ourselves and you all have risen to that challenge. You have donated to, supported, and made this campaign what it is today.

We face decades of pollution, decades of environmental degradation – lost decades – if this factory goes ahead. Our campaign is a long and difficult and costly process. But if we do not fight this in the courts, we will lose much more, and it will be lost until another generation takes up this challenge. That should not happen.

We know enough to do better, and we are educated enough to know better.

We need your continued support, your fundraising help and your donations if you can make them. This is an investment in all our futures. It is a long road. We’ve come a long way to get here and we have a long way still to go.
Spring has sprung and so must we all so that Summer is not far behind.


Save Our Skibbereen CD – 17 Brilliant Songs

Save Our Skibbereen CD – 17 Brilliant Songs

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Local musicians in West Cork have come together to voice their concern and support the SOS campaign to stop the proposed plastics factory in Skibbereen. The musicians involved are Camilla Grieshel, Bean Dolan, Lauren Guillery, Shanti, Miranda McCarthy, Simon Blewhouse, Anna Murray, Ghost Planes, Steve Park, Max Jones, Chris McDonald, Alyanya, Mick O’Callaghan, Rik Appleby, Catherine Cunningham, Polly Barret & Jake Stanley.

Local artist, Donagh Carey, provided the beautiful painting of the Ilen River for the cover.

You can buy the CD, €7.00 per copy, at the following outlets throughout West Cork :

 – O’Neil’s Coffee
 – Antiquity Bookshop
 – Riverside Cafe
 – Budds Restuarant
 – Hudson’s Wholefoods
 – Annie B’s Bookshop
 – Organico
 – Forest & Flock
 – Redstrand Coffee
Skibbereen Farmers Market
– SOS Stand
The CD, well on it’s way to worldwide fame also has it’s own Facebook page where international orders can be placed.
If you can’t purchase it at any of these outlets, let us know by emailing SOS at and we’ll arrange it one way or another.
The official launch of the CD will take place on Sunday, March 10th, at The Harbour Hotel, Schull, from 5pm.
Thanks to everyone who helped to make this brilliant work of art and music!

Album Co-ordination: Bradley Putze
Sleeve Artwork & Design: Donagh Carey
Additional Mastering: Rik Appleby

Track Listing & Credits :

1.Plactory – Simon Blewhouse
Written by Simon Blewhouse (Copyright Control)

Vocals & Instruments: Simon Blewhouse
Harmony Vocals: Charli Greenhouse

Produced, Recorded & Mixed By: Simon Blewhouse
Recorded by Myself in My Room
Mastered at
© 2019 Simon Blewhouse

2.Child – Anna Murray
Written by Anna Murray (Copyright Control)

Vocals, Guitar, Piano & Electric Piano: Anna Murray
Bass & Drum Programming: Rik Appleby

Produced by Anna Murray & Rik Appleby
Recorded,Mixed & Mastered by Rik Appleby
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at
© 2019 Anna Murray
ISRC: IEPZI1900001

3.Vaj Vaj – Camilla Griehsel
Written by O’Farrell/MacClancy (Warner/Chappell/Copyright Control)

Vocal: Camilla Griehsel
Guitars and Backing vocals: Niwel Tsumbu
Keyboards and Bass: Maurice Seezer
Guitar: John Fitzgerald
Percussion: Éamonn Cagney

Produced by Maurice Seezer
Recorded by John FitzGerald and Maurice Seezer
Mixed by John Fitzgerald
Recorded at Dunbeacon Studio and Lettercollum Recording Studio
Mixed at Lettercollum Recording Studio
ISRC: GBBCX1800001

4.Not So Ordinary – Ghost Planes
Written by Ghost Planes (Copyright Control)

Vocals, Guitar, Piano – Jon Carroll
Drums – James O’Sullivan
Bass – Fred O’Brien
Backing Vocals – Kate Koppinger
Fiddle – Karen O’Doherty

Produced & Recorded by Ghost Planes
Mixed by Karl Odlum
Mastered by Hans DeKline
© 2018 Ghost Planes

5.Love This Life – Lauren Guillery
Written by Lauren Guillery (Copyright Control)

Vocal & Guitars: Lauren Guillery
Bass: Phil Daly
Drums: Brian O’Higgins
Synths: Stephen Shannon

Produced by Lauren Guillery
© 2017 Lauren Guillery
ISRC: IEPNB1800003

6.You & Me – Steve Park
Written by Steve Park (Copyright Control)

Vocal & Acoustic Guitar: Steve Park
Backing Vocal: Alyanya
Electric Guitar: Kevin Stokes

Recorded & Mixed by: Bradley Putze
Mastered By Rik Appleby
Mastered at
© 2019 Steve Park

7.Gaoh – Max Jones
Written by Max Jones (Copyright Control)

Guitars: Max Jones

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Max Jones
Recorded & Mixed at A House Somewhere in Wales
Mastered by Rik Appleby
Mastered at
© 2019 Max Jones

8.Winter Dawn – Bean
Written by Bean Dolan (Copyright Control)

Vocal, Guitar & Percussion: Bean Dolan
Keys: Brian Casey
Bass: Alan Brooks
Drums: Darragh Coakley
Guitar: Issac Tabor
Backing Vocals: Irene Dunne, Eve Clague & Deirdre Archbold

Produced by Bean Dolan
Mixed by Brian Casey
Mastered by Aiden Foley

Mixed at Wavefield Recording Studios
Mastered at Masterlabs
© 2017 Bean Dolan

9.Out Here On The Island – Miranda McCarthy
Written by Miranda McCarthy (Copyright Control)

Vocal & Acoustic Guitar: Miranda McCarthy
Nylon String Guitar: Kenny Dread
Cello: Lea Miklody
Backing Vocals: Alyana
Piano: Susan McManamon
Tin Whistle: John Lynch

Produced by Kenny Dread
Recorded & Mixed by Tony O’Flaherty, Rik Appleby & Kenny Dread
Mastered by Ruairi O’Flaherty
© 2018 Miranda McCarthy
ISRC: QMEU31821811

10.Long Journey Home – Shanti
Written by Simon Crockett/Neisha Azzopardi (Copyright Control)

Guitars: Simon Crockett & Neisha Azzopardi

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Steve Pawsey at
Mastered by Rik Appleby
Recorded at High Nelly Studio, Clonakilty
Mastered at
© 2018 Shanti
ISRC: IEPZC1900001

11.To The Shore – Alyanya
Written by Alyanya Massey (Copyright Control)

Vocal & Acoustic Guitar: Alyanya
Guitars & Backing Vocals: Jenny Lindfors
Djembe: Alyanya

Produced by Alyanya
Recorded & Mixed by Andy Knightley
Mastered by Aidan Foley
© 2008 Alyanya Massey

12.Goodbye Love – Mick O’Callaghan
Written by Mick O’Callaghan (Copyright Control)

Vocal & Acoustic Guitar: Mick O’Callaghan

Recorded & Mixed by Bradley Putze
Mastered by Rik Appleby
Mastered at
© 2019 Mick O’Callaghan

13.For Love – Rik Appleby
Written by Rik Appleby (Copyright Control)

Vocals, Guitar, Organ & Piano: Rik Appleby

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Rik Appleby
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at
© 2019 Rik Appleby
ISRC: IENYY1900001

14.Déjà Vu – Catherine Cunningham
Written by Catherine Cunningham (Copyright Control)

Vocal & Acoustic Guitar: Catherine Cunningham
Bass: Dan Thornhill
Percussion: Andy Patterson
Backing Vocals: Shivana

Produced by Catherine Cunningham
Recorded & Mixed by Andy Patterson
Mastered by RikAppleby
Mastered at
© 2013 Catherine Cunningham

15.Sunday’s Well – Polly Barrett
Written by Polly Barrett (Copyright Control)

Vocal & Acoustic Guitar: Polly Barrett
Banjo, Backing Vocals: Michael Daly

Produced by Polly Barrett & Tomás Mulchy
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Tomás Mulchy
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Madtheory Studios
© 2011 Polly Barrett

16.Prayer For The Earth – Jake Stanley
Written by Jake Stanley (Copyright Control)

Vocal & Acoustic Guitar: Jake Stanley

Recorded & Mixed by Chris McDonald
Mastered by Rik Appleby
Mastered at
© 2017 Jake Stanley

17.This City’s Eyes – Chris McDonald
Written by Chris McDonald (Copyright Control)

Vocal, Guitars & Keys: Chris McDonald
Lead guitar: Stephen Goulden
Bass: Stuart Hall, Lester Troughton & Chris McDonald.
Drums: Karl Penney
Violin – Flora Curzon
Viola – Danyal Dhondy
Cello – George Shilling
Banjo – Joe Auckland
Backing Vocals – Katerina Kyrris/Ali Hazeldene/Chris McDonald
Guitar Case Percussion – George Shilling

Produced by George Shilling & Chris McDonald
String arrangements by Danyal Dhondy & Chris McDonald
Mixed, Mastered and Engineered by George Shilling at Bank Cottage Studios
© 2012 Chris McDonald

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