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Messages of Support – David Puttnam & Jeremy Irons

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David Puttnam

“As someone who has worked for over twenty years on the development of strategic and environmentally sustainable European solutions to economic and employment problems, the proposal for a plastics factory in Skibbereen flies in the face of all longer-term objectives currently being planned and implemented by the EU.
It represents the very worst type of opportunist land-grab – the type of thinking that far from advancing Ireland’s commitment to the long term health and stability of its citizens, achieves the exact opposite.
It is ill-considered, ill-sighted and will be seen by future generations as a terrible blot on what was on the verge of becoming a well thought-through future for West Cork as a model of a healthy, tourism focused, economically sensitive community.”



Jeremy Irons

“My God we need jobs in Skibbereen; but let us not desecrate this jewel of an area by allowing polluting manufacture to poison our environment.

Let us question the process of democratic planning before we force the children and adults of Skibbereen to live their lives beneath a toxic plume, while outsiders manufacture a product which much of the world is trying to cut down on.

Let us show we wish to be at the forefront of a sustainable and environmentally friendly economy, rather than trailing along as the “trash can” of Carbery. ”