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We believe this factory is ill advised, badly planned, and has not been subjected to the necessary and rigorous tests of suitability that Skibbereen and West Cork deserve. We believe it will impact terribly on our air, our water, our environment and on our future. We believe that it is going to harm existing jobs and deter future businesses and tourists from considering Skibbereen as their preferred destination. It is our hope that An Bord Pleanala refuse permission for this development and we await their decision between now and the end of July 2018.

If that decision allows this factory to proceed, we will be investigating all possible legal challenges available to us. We ask for your support and that you share these articles far and wide and that the narrow interests of a Privately Owned American business are not put above those of our health, our environment and our shared sustainable future. We believe that this is the ethos that offers the best future to both Skibbereen and West Cork.

We will be adding to this site as we collect more information about the planning process which we believe is blighted with mistakes, missed opportunities and devoid of any responsible oversight of Skibbereen’s people and lands. We will be uploading the planning documents as we can and highlighting all the issues and concerns that we have and have been communicated to us.

This site is very much a work in progress and only possible with the voluntary work and time of a group of people who have been against this factory from the start and have been the main contributors to the objections that are now subject to the process of appeal with An Bord Pleanala. We are grateful to David Puttnam and Jeremy Irons for their support and their words which you can find below on this page. We invite anyone who feels affected by this proposed development to add your views to our page here so that we can create a true record of opposition to this factory.

It is our intention to gain as much support locally, nationally and internationally for our cause and we look forward to the day when we can celebrate Skibbereen’s escape from the disastrous consequences of this egregious proposal. Please use our sign-up form to join our mailing list. Share our posts on twitter or facebook using the links on this page. Send us your own thoughts and ideas to If you feel, you could contribute to this campaign in any way or that you have experience or skills that could be useful, please do get in touch with us.

Save Our Skibbereen
June 2018