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What is Skibbereen?

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What is Skibbereen and how is it represented on the internet? What kind of place do people expect to find when they visit Skibbereen?

These are just some examples from heavily marketed websites.

If you had never visited Skibbereen, these might be where that seed is sown.


Good Food Ireland – The Wild Atlantic Way Guide to West Cork

Skibbereen is the next main town in this region, where you’ll enjoy browsing, shopping and meeting the locals in these Good Food Ireland establishments – Kalbos Café with some homegrown organic salad leaves, herbs and vegetables and free range pork from the family farm. The Church Restaurant that puts that careful eye to the sourcing of ingredients for her menu also.

Good Food Ireland® is the trusted guarantee for food experience in Ireland.

They are using their brand to sell Skibbereen.

Trusted Guarantee. That is what is behind Skibbereen.


A Taste of West Cork : September 7th to 16th 2018 

A Taste of West Cork Food Festival celebrates not only West Cork’s unique food culture, but also the people and land that produce that food – bringing them right into the heart of what West Cork and its culture is all about, through face to face encounters with pioneering food producers and organic farmhouses, enjoying food in many different ways from foraging to market stalls and a rare opportunity to experience food, crafted by world renowned guest chefs, in unique venues from stately homes and castles to distilleries that open exclusively for the festival.

In 2017, West Cork was awarded Number 1 Foodie Destination of Ireland by the Restaurant’s Association of Ireland and in 2016, A Taste of West Cork Food Festival won Chambers Ireland’s Festival of the Year.

“West Cork to me is the capital of food in Ireland. So much of the best food being grown and produced in Ireland comes from West Cork. From the farmers, to the producers to the farmers markets and restaurants, it is a haven for foodies.” – Clodagh McKenna, Irish Chef & Food Writer.


Wild Atlantic Way – Skibbereen

Skibbereen is a vibrant, colourful and friendly town set on the banks of the River Ilen. Rich in history it is a peaceful oasis and the perfect base to explore the delights and wonders of West Cork.

Lively Skibbereen, the soul of the south west, is a hive of activity and a town lit up by colourful, traditional shop fronts dotted along its bustling streets. This is the perfect pit stop for delicious sea food meals made from fresh local catch – or for a pint and a rousing music session in a traditional pub.

Nestling in the fold of hills 7km from Skibbereen is Lough Hyne, Ireland’s first marine nature reserve.


Explore West Cork – Skibbereen



David Puttnam – Skibbereen – Making Ireland Click

The first episode in the four-part documentary series, Making Ireland Click – which was produced by the award-winning Skibbereen filmmaker, Adrian McCarthy, and features Ireland’s Digital Champion, Lord David Puttnam – will be televised at 7.30pm on RTÉ One on Monday, October 31st, 2016.

The programme looks at how Ireland is in the middle of a digital revolution that is transforming every aspect of our daily lives, and how technology has connected people in ways that couldn’t have imagined 30 years ago.


Live & work in Ireland’s first rural 1 Gig society

Come work in one of Ireland’s most spectacular locations with 1GB of superfast connectivity, supportive global business network and state of the art facilities.

The Ludgate Hub is situated on on the south west coast of Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Skibbereen has a happy and connected community, has some of the worlds best artisan food, & located only ten minutes to the beach – this is your answer to the perfect work life balance.


We know that Skibbereen needs investment and that it needs jobs. We know that it needs to work harder at turning it towards the future and at holding on to the talent and creativity that leaves every year for better opportunities elsewhere.

We believe that the Cork County Development Plan of 2014 should not be abandoned.  We would wish that the Government and Local Goverment would live up to the promise of that plan and work to develop a smart, sustainable and high value economy in Skibbereen and West Cork.

We would wish that this was plan is implemented and not one where we invite environmentally damaging industry to our door and that we do not risk incalculable harm to the health and well being of the people of Skibbereen and West Cork.

We would ask that you question who is to benefit from this.

What jobs in tourism will be put at risk?

What identity is being foisted upon Skibbereen?

Where in any of the above does anyone mention that all that is missing is a ‘Plastic Factory’?

It is not just that the factory is wrong for Skibbereen on all levels. It is that we are at this point that is the greatest failure.

This factory is everything that is wrong with economic development in Ireland and it is part of the reason why we continue as a nation to squander our greatest natural resource – the health of our people and the health of the environment we all live in, breathe in, eat from and drink from.